The Good



I bake. I bake when I’m sad, when I’m bored, when I’m working through a problem. I bake to challenge myself. I bake because it smells good. I bake because I love you. I bake to learn. And I bake to give.

I can’t really bake for myself or for my family. Occasionally and not in quantity. I haven’t figured out to bake for one and why would I? The joy of baking is in watching your face light up with delight and happiness. More of that, please! So, I’m going to offer my joy and hope to you, my sweet loves.

I’m a homebaker but I’m good at it. A friend called my cookies “Sex Cookies.” (I almost went with that as a name but perhaps not entirely appropriate.)

I also want to do good and I want to inspire (and nudge) you to do good.

Each month, I will post a new Good Bake. Pictures, story, smell-o-vision. If you send me a screenshot of a recent donation of at least $20 that you made to a non-profit, I will bake it for you. Deliver it too. Because you deserve it.

I’m serious.