Once More Into the Frosting


Heart of my heart.

I spend a lot of my time with middle school girls and old people, so when February came around, I was going to dive right into hearts and pink things.

Playful and silly. Kind of my jam.

The recipe for the sugar cookies is from King Arthur flour. (I also use their flour.) The cookies roll and bake well, with a nice almondy finish. (I used Deb Perelman’s advice to roll before chilling. Life changing!)

The royal icing is also from King Arthur, although I did not love it. I’m still developing a feel for royal icing. And I tend to err on the too thick side.

I used squeeze bottles and toothpicks. Couldn’t bear the thought of fussing with piping bags. But sadly, I couldn’t write words, not as finely as I had planned.

The black heart is only one I made. I like it, but I was cheating and using Wilton pre-made squeeze bottle icing. Texture was off and I threw out the rest in frustration. Has anyone used these successfully?

The decorating is inspired by Dulcia Caro. Her work is beautiful and I suggest you look through her feed.

I have plans for March, but will also take suggestions. What are some of your favorite challenging recipes.

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